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At Reconnect Space we offer personal and group sessions to support your wellbeing.
Julia Neubauer Art Therapist Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions

Our 1-1 sessions are tailored to your unique needs and take a trauma-informed approach. You'll learn practical tools to support your everyday wellbeing.

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Workshops & Events

Browse our upcoming live events and online workshops. You'll learn tools to connect to your self-expression, improve your relationships, and support your nervous system in building resilience.

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Group Sessions

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What our clients say

“With the way technology is going, what you’re doing is so important: to be using art to reconnect people with their own being. What you did was really awesome. I still travel with the piece that we made in our session. It was so dear to my heart and it’s always good to remind myself about what I was feeling in that moment.”

Nicole, Participant in Creative Session

“Julia facilitated such a warm, loving and safe space for me to fully drop into the session. I experienced such a noticeable difference in my mind and body after the session. I left feeling with a lot of hope and clarity. The session also helped me move from criticism to compassion in an effortlessly organic way. ”

Deepa R., Participant in Creative Session

“Being a kid again. Just free and curious. I felt protected and free to do what felt good. I didn't feel judged at all. Not for one second.”

Josefin, R., Participant in Creative Session