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Creative Art Therapy Sessions

Explore new perspectives, nourish your body and mind, and integrate challenging experiences through creativity.

Online and in Melbourne

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Julia Neubauer Founder Reconnect Space

Creative Art Therapy Sessions

Explore new perspectives, nourish your body and mind, and integrate challenging experiences through creativity.

Online and in Melbourne
Book free 30-min discovery call

Do you...


  • Find it hard to slow down or switch off, even when you have downtime?
  • Have difficulty managing your everyday stress and anxiety levels?
  • Find yourself excessively scrolling on social media instead of being present?
  • Find it hard to consistently apply self-care?
  • Struggle with perfectionism?
  • Feel like you're in a rut, and something needs to change?
  • Regularly feel tired, low on energy and crave back your sense of vitality?
  • Long for a better sense of balance in your day-to-day life?
  • Have the desire to understand your own behaviour better?


If yes, then Reconnect Space could support you.

A space to slow down

Our 1-1 experiential sessions

At Reconnect Space, we take an integrative and embodied approach to well-being. In our sessions, we use a combination of art therapy, mindfulness, and nervous system regulation tools to support your healing.
Art Therapy Service

Art Therapy

Art therapy can support healing and growth through creative expression. It enhances self-awareness, reduces stress, promotes emotional healing, and empowers you to find your voice.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness cultivate inner peace, clarity, and self-awareness. They reduce stress, improve focus, promote emotional well-being, and enhance resilience.

Somatic Embodiment and Emotional Regulation

Somatic Embodiment & Regulation

Somatic embodiment and regulation foster the mind-body connection, reducing anxiety, and building resilience. Learn practical tools to support self-regulation in everyday life.

We only work with a limited number of 1-1 clients each month so we can best support your needs.

How it works

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"Julia was wonderful to work with. She's so compassionate and easygoing, dropping little treasures of wisdom along the way. I enjoyed having her beside me as I was expressing myself through art. I felt seen, cared for, and extremely safe. I'm looking forward to exploring my inner world more with Julia as my guide."

Rachel M., Participant in Creative Session

“With the way technology is going, what you’re doing is so important: to be using art to reconnect people with their own being. What you did was really awesome. I still travel with the piece that we made in our session. It was so dear to my heart and it’s always good to remind myself about what I was feeling in that moment.”

Nicole, Participant in Creative Session

“Julia facilitated such a warm, loving and safe space for me to fully drop into the session. I experienced such a noticeable difference in my mind and body after the session. I left feeling with a lot of hope and clarity. The session also helped me move from criticism to compassion in an effortlessly organic way. ”

Deepa R., Participant in Creative Session

“Being a kid again. Just free and curious. I felt protected and free to do what felt good. I didn't feel judged at all. Not for one second.”

Josefin R., Participant in Creative Session

“At the beginning, I was still quite hyped from my busy work day. The session helped me to ground myself and definitely gave me food for thought. Julia created a safe space and made me feel at ease and seen, even despite the fact that we did an online session. I felt guided and she helped me to understand and visualise some questions."

Karolina Z., Participant in Creative Session

“I started the session with a bit of ambient anxiety that I wasn't aware of. I also felt a heaviness in my stomach. And I ended feeling determined and motivated. I had several insights regarding my career which was the main issue I'd set intention to resolve. Julia's demeanor and approach are extremely calming and nurturing."

Ahmed H., Participant in Creative Session

You don't have to be good at art to benefit from therapeutic artmaking


Art therapy is not about creating a perfect piece of art, but rather about the process. It’s a way to communicate beyond words, tapping into your emotions and experiences.

When a young child splashes paint on paper and expresses themselves, they are not concerned about the outcome. They are fully in a creative flow. They enjoy the sensations of the materials on the paper, their fingers in the paint, taking joy in each step along the way.

The act of creating and expressing is therapeutic, helping you release emotions, reduce stress, gain insight, and foster self-awareness. Art therapy provides a safe and supportive space where you can freely explore and experiment with different materials.

There is no wrong way to create something in art therapy. It's not about being skilled, but about expressing your internal world in a way that’s visible to you.

We might use any of the following in our sessions:

Collage - Clay - Movement - Drawing & Painting - Nature Objects - Photography - Writing & Poetry


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About Julia


Julia Neubauer is an emerging Arts Therapist based in Melbourne, Australia. She has training in art therapy, somatic embodiment, meditation, nervous system regulation, and rites of passage facilitation. Her practice also incorporates the principles from Hakomi therapy. She is a member of Holistic Therapists Australia.

She makes pottery, enjoys meditation, yin yoga and the ocean.









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Art is a sanctuary of the mind, a place where healing can unfold and hope can blossom.

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